RIS3 2014 – 2020

RIS3 2014 – 2020:  Regional Participatory Innovation Strategy – Region of Central Macedonia. The project is about supporting the Regional Authority in its effort to perform the new RIS3 methodology in order to plan and execute the new regional funding structure.


International Certified Future Strategist (ICFS)


 International Certified Future Strategist (ICFS)

The aim of this EU funded project Leonardo), is to develop of a tailored education program with the objective of leading to International Certified Future Strategist (ICFS) and a new job category in Europe.


DRAGON-STAR (2012-2015)


 DRAGON-STAR: In the context of the DRAGON-STAR project, supported by the FP7 program of the European Commission, the Phemonoe Lab is producing scenarios for the future of Research in China.

DRAGON-STAR is funded by FP7, and aims to support the Chinese participation in Horizon 2020, the reciprocity originating from the signed EU-China Scientific Cooperation Agreement, the bilateral cooperation in scientific, technological and industrial research and innovation fields, and the ongoing EU – China Innovation Cooperation Dialogue.


KILKIS 2020 – ΚΙΛΚΙΣ 2020


KILKIS 2020: The “KILKIS 2020” project was designed, coordinated and implemented by the Phemonoe Lab, aiming to produce scenarios and a strategic plan for the Perfecture of Kilkis (Greece).

It was one of the first participatory strategic foresight exercise in Greece with exellent results mainly in the participation context. All of the local authorities participated and almost 100 citizens took place in a number of activities both digital and physical.

Download the final results (in Greek):

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