About Phemonoe Lab

Phemonoe Lab 1 is a private research unit focusing on Future Studies, and providing special strategic consulting services to private and public organisations.

The lab scans global and local trends and participates in international think tanks on future studies, aiming to successfully communicate current and future trends and to provide support to private and public organisations on strategic planning.

Our work consists of creative power and analytical, critical thinking, supported by the combination of thematic width and readily available, in-depth knowledge.

Our signature initiative is the International Certified Future Strategist course that we provide annually to executives that wish to learn modern strategic planning tools.


Phemonoe is mainly utilising the scenario’s methodology for implementing the foresight activities and for implementing strategy plans. Scenarios are sets of organized ways to dream effectively about the future, they are stories connecting a future condition with the present, while illustrating key decisions, events, and consequences throughout the narrative.

International Certified Future Strategist (ICFS)

It is a tailored executive education programme with an emphasis on learning in an international environment. The ICFS is targeted at companies and organisations wishing to build the necessary in-house expertise for developing futures perspectives and strategy. The course is best suited to individuals in management positions, who have a responsibility to shape and enhance strategic thinking within their company.

International network

Pheromone is part of a worldwide network of foresight networks and holds strategic longterm collaborations with specific foresight partners in Sweden, Finland, Belgium, and UK.

In addition, our clients benefit from the global expertise deriving from our collaboration with  Millennium Project as we regularly include our international network of experts in our projects.  Pheromone coordinates the Greek Node of the  largest foresight network, the Millennium Project, with 46 nodes, since 2003.

The Greek Node  was created in 2010, with the aim to help in the modernization process of Southeastern Europe, by giving special emphasis on the implementation of the “science” of future studies through direct diffusion of the results to organizations, businesses and other stakeholders.

 Our Clients

We work for local & national stakeholders, private , as well as international organisations. Over the years, we have gained in-depth knowledge, in particular in the following industries: ICT, Energy, Tourism, Agrofood, Environment.

Our in-depth expertise in Financial Planning and Entrepreneurship is applied to private and public clients requiring special services in the broad area of Innovation.


1The Lab is financially administrated by Emetris SA.The name Phemonoe comes from the Greek mythology. Phemonoe was said to be a Greek poet, daughter of Apollo. Phemonoe was the first priestess at the Oracle of Delphi.

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