Pheromone is part of a worldwide network of foresight networks and holds strategic longterm collaborations with specific foresight partners in Sweden, Finland, Belgium, and UK. In addition, our clients benefit from the global expertise deriving from our collaboration with Millennium Project as we regularly include our international network of experts in our projects.


 Millennium Project:  MP is an independent non-profit global participatory futures research think tank of futurists, scholars, business planners, and policy makers.

 Pheromone coordinates the Greek Node of the largest foresight network, the Millennium Project, with 46 nodes, since 2003. The Greek Node was created in 2010, with the aim to help in the modernization process of Southeastern Europe, by giving special emphasis on the implementation of the “science” of future studies through direct diffusion of the results to organizations, businesses and other stakeholders.


 KAIROS Future: It is an international consulting and research company providing consulting for strategic futures.



shiftn  shiftNShiftn is a Belgium based team of experts that help clients to come to grips with complexity.



Capful is a Finland based management consultancy specialising in scenario planning and development of scenario-based strategies



sharedintelligence-290x290Shared Intelligence: A London based consultancy dealing with a diverse range of projects and services.

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