Virtual Reality is here

Virtual reality is here

Microsoft introduced in January 2015, the HoloLen system (compatible with windows 10), revealing how large corporations are designing  the virtual reality future,  that will rapidly change the way we have fun, learn and work…

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality


Within rooms equipped with virtual reality systems, teachers lead students on trips to tropical forests, historical eras and events. Oculus already provides applications that allow students to tour the moon, or to discover the 17th century’s atelier of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer ( ).


Virtual reality glasses would offer an enhanced three-dimensional experience for users, who will be piloting spacecraft traveling in space experiencing a perfectly real sense, with pictures to follow the movements of their head. Imagine also playing tennis with Federer, or  solving the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes strolling the streets of Victorian England. The possibilities are limitless …


virtual reality glasses will allow users to see three-dimensional movies in their individual screens, offering maximum visual experience. Gear V of Samsung, already offers an important collection of available film titles .


Several virtual reality systems, are already camera-equipped to display users view to experts, which in turn can “enter” in user’s “space” and give instructions for the repair of a device, or for solving a technical problem. Virtual reality can bring a real revolution in customer support and cooperation between users and groups based in distant locations.

Check out the video featuring Microsoft Hololens


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