Global Futures Intelligence System

Global Futures Intelligence System (GFIS) is a global collective intelligence system on the future.

It has four main sections: 1) 15 global challenges, 2) futures research studies on over 50 topics from potential futures of finance and economics to S&T and global ethics; 3) details on how to do 37 different futures research methods; and 4) decision-making software (Real-Time Delphi).

It integrates all of The Millennium Project’s information, groups, and software into GFIS. It is The Millennium Project’s new way for you to participate with and have access to all of our resources in one place. Those who buy a one-year subscription can interact with all the elements of the system, make suggestions, comment on any piece of information, see continually updated information on 15 Global Challenges, initiate discussions with experts around the world, search through over 10,000 pages of futures research and 1,300 pages of methods. The text has built-in Google translation with 52 languages and the  Real-Time Delphi software.

Instead of publishing the State of the Future once a year, the material is being updated in the Global Futures Intelligence System on a continual basis – the same is true with Futures Research Methodology – you do not have to wait five or so years to get a new version. Some Real-Time Delphi studies and other research are also being made available as soon as they are completed, and will be accessible for discussion of conclusions.

The GFIS is not just new software, vast information, and global experts; it is also a system to produce synergies among these three elements for greater intelligence than their separate values. It is rather a global intelligence utility from which governments, UN agencies, businesses, NGOs, universities, media, and consultants can draw different values. The GFIS staff is more interested in synergistic intelligence than competitive intelligence, and how the world can work for all, not just for a single nation, ideology, or issue. It can provide decision makers, advisors, and educators with insights that reflect the consensus and/or range of views on the important issues of our time. The engagement of the user with our information, participants, and software is intended to help humanity become more proactive.