Foresight Program Directory

Are you interested in Foresight and Future Studies?

This is a list, published by the World Future Society (WFS) of the most reknowned courses in graduate and post graduate level, including our own International Certified Future Strategist course.

Here is a partial list of active futures studies programs. Information used in this list is provided courtesy of Global Foresight, Ed. note: This directory was created in conjunction with the publication of

  • University of Advancing Technology, Tempe, Arizona,
    Offers an undergraduate Foresight Development course. Also, check out the Master of Science program in Emerging Technology,
  • Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, Maryland,
    Offers undergraduate futures studies courses in its Institute for the Future.
  • University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona,
    The undergraduate Anticipating the Future course, last offered formally in 2002, remains available online, with tutorials, syllabus, and other resources:
  • California State University–Dominguez Hills, Carson, California,
    Offers undergraduate futures studies courses in its Global Options program.
  • Command College of the Commission on POST — Police Officer Standards and Training,
    The Law Enforcement Command College is an 18-month program designed to prepare law enforcement leaders of today for the challenges of the future. Among the futurists on the faculty are Peter Bishop, Sonya Arrison, Andy Hines, Marci Segal, and John M. Smart.
  • Faculty of Sciences and Technology at Universidade Nova de Lisboa,Lisbon, Portugal,
    PhD in Technology Assessment prepares researchers and experts to perform autonomous research activities and to lead innovation processes fostering economic growth and development.
  • Freie Universität Berlin, Future Institute Berlin, Germany,
    Interdisciplinary, practice-oriented program. Students can do futures research in (for example) child and adult education, political participation, technology assessment, climate, and sustainability. The Future Institute is an educational workspace for interdisciplinary futures research, innovation, and knowledge transfer.
  • Fullerton College, Fullerton, California,
    Offers undergraduate futures studies courses in its Center for the Future.
  • Future Forward College, Wake Tech Community College, Raleigh, North Carolina,
    Though not specifically a futures-studies program, the Future Forward College dynamic instills foresight and a futurist’s mind-set throughout the curriculum.
  • Future Problem Solving Program International, Melbourne, Florida,
    This global program, developed by creativity expert E. Paul Torrance, is devoted to developing the creative and critical thinking skills of high-school students, through curricula and competitions. The program “encourages students to develop a vision for the future, and prepares students for leadership roles.”
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa, Manoa, Hawaii,
    MA, PhD in Alternative Futures (Political Science). Long-lived, well-regarded program (since 1976). Strong in visioning, scenarios, and alternative futures development. MA students often go on to the PhD.
  • University of Houston, Houston, Texas, www.uh .edu,
    MT in Studies of the Future (Technology). Long-lived, well-regarded program (since 1975). Trains professional futurists for the marketplace. Strong in sociology, methods; largest practitioner alumni network.
  • International Certified Future Strategist, Stockholm, Sweden,
    Certificate program. Developed by Kairos Future and other partners, this tailored education program aims to develop a new job category in Europe, the Certified Future Strategist. The course is approximately five to six months, three days at a time at regular intervals, with home assignments in between.
  • University of Malta, Msida, Malta,
    Malta’s collaboration with Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking began in 1992 and now (2014) offers: 1. International M.Sc. in Strategic Innovation and Future Creation 2. Master in Creativity and Innovation 3. Undergraduate Study Units in Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Foresight
  • Notre Dame University, Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame, Indiana,
    Undergraduate course taught in Foresight in Business and Society.
  • OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
    MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. Students apply anticipatory design concepts to projects in the arts, media, and user experience, and to some extent to technology, business, and the social sciences.
  • Oxford University, Saïd Business School, Oxford, UK,
    Designed for executives and teams from all fields—business, government, academia, NGOs—the Scenarios Program offers intensive, one-week training in strategic scenario planning.
  • Pakistan Futuristics Foundation and Institute, Islamabad, Pakistan
    Founded by Dr. R.M. Ikram Azam, the PFI aims to apply futuristics to peace studies. It is an open forum; literature upon request by e-mail to pfi24 “at”
  • Queensland University of Technology, Institute for Future Environments, Brisbane, Australia, www.qut
    Housed within the University’s Science and Engineering Centre, the Institute unites “researchers and students from across science, engineering, law, business, education and the creative industries” to “collaborate on large-scale research and development projects” geared toward building a sustainable future.
  • Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia,
    MA in Strategic Foresight (Business Administration). New program for mid-career leaders, consultants, and strategic managers. Christian university, but mostly ecumenical learning context.
  • University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa,
    MPhil and PhD in Futures Studies (Economics/Management). Futures perspective on organizational strategy, long-term planning, development philosophy, global change, forces, and trends. African context. Includes an online program, with six in-person events.
  • Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorne, Australia,
    MS and PhD in Strategic Foresight. Strong applied program in foresight development, stressing implementation over theory. PhD students can specialize in Strategy and Foresight.
  • Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan,,
    MA in Futures Studies (Education). Broad interdisciplinary academic approach. Tamkang is the world leader in integrated futures curricula. All 27,000 undergrads must take three of 15 Futures Studies courses. Globalization, IT, and futures emphasis. PhD program now under development.
  • University of Turku, Turku, Finland,
    MA, PhD in Futures Studies (Economics and Business Administration). Strong interdisciplinary general foresight skills. Business and social responsibility/sustainability orientation. Mix of academic and applied.