Greek Work/Tech 2050 Scenarios Workshop

The Greek Node of the Millennium Project, Phemonoe Lab and Resilient Thessaloniki (City of Thessaloniki) co-organised the Greek workshop for the three Work/Tech 2050 scenarios produced by the Millennium Project.

Over 450 futurists, and other experts related to future work-technology dynamics shared their judgments in four Real-Time Delphi questionnaires developed by the Millennium Project. The results were used to create three Future Work/Technology Global 2050 Scenarios., that were used as input to national planning workshops organized by Millennium Project Node chairs around the world. The results of the national workshops will be put together with some analysis and given to all participating countries so that each can see how their strategies relate to other nations’ strategies. The objective is to stimulate a global, systematic, research-based discussion on how to make the transition to a world economy changed by foreseeable future technologies.

In this context, the Greek event was organised on Tuesday, 13 December 2016, at the Museum of Photography, and gathered over 40 participants from government, Research and Technological Organisations (RTOs), Business Associations, Academic Institutions,  Businesses and Press. Participants worked on 5 thematic areas and provided tangible ideas for a resilient future :

  1. Education: How should education, training, and learning systems change? And what strategies will make that happen?
  2. Government: Will a guaranteed income program become necessary? What kind? When?  Cash flow projections to show what is possible?
  3. S&T (AI/Robotics/synthetic biology/nanotech) changes affecting work by 2025, 2035, 2050?
  4. Culture: What changes in culture will be needed? culture that says jobs/employment is the source of self-respect?
  5. Business/Labor: What should be the roles of private business in a national long-range strategy? Reducing income gaps and concentration of wealth.

Check out the final report.