Greek Node Membership

Our aim with the Greek Node of the Millennium Node is to engage as many as possible in the global conversation about the Future.

The Node Members will collaborate in topic-focused groups and we will also be hosting an open forum for networking and exchange of ideas at our LinkedIn Group throughout the year.

Working Groups

In order for the Greek Node to be able function smoothly and securely, size and membership of groups will be limited by necessity and will be by invitation only.

To be considered, please use the Nomination form.

**Please note: From July 1, 2015 we are only accepting nominations from Millennium Node Members. You are free to fill out a nomination form, but if you do not hear back from us, it is because we now have limited capacity in the Node’s working groups.

We warmly invite you to join us at the Linkedin Group.

Selection of group members will be made using the following criteria, in order of importance:

Criteria 1: Experience and background

The aim is for the majority (about two thirds) of the working groups to be made up of those with direct experience on Future Studies, Systems Thinking and Strategic Planning.

In addition, groups will engage academics, students and other key stakeholders. We recognize that thought-leaders come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and so the selection process will have some built-in flexibility. Members will be working in groups where they have the most interest and passion.

Criteria 2: Nomination

More weight will be given to nominations made by Node Members.

Criteria 3: Representation

One of the Values of the Greek Node is to be attentive to a diverse range of voices from across the country and from a variety of backgrounds. Thus we want to create space to hear from different regions of the country, as well as different genders and generations. It is not our aim to achieve a perfect balance within groups and participants will be primarily be selected based on experience. However, during the selection and invitation process we will be considering how the balance of the Node’s members is evolving.

What if I am not selected for a collaboration group?

For those who would like to engage with the Greek Millennium Project Node for networking or shared learning, there will be a number of different opportunities:

  • Global Conversation: Join the Node’s conversation at our LinkedIn Group, Facebook and Twitter. Here ideas and information will be exchanged between the collaboration groups and the wider conversation.
  • Volunteer your time: We are looking for people to serve in supporting roles, including: Research team, & Translation. We are particularly looking for students or others interested in Future Studies . Please visit our partnering page if you are interested in getting involved.
  • Regional Meetings: A few Regional Meetings will be open to additional participants.   Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out about Regional meetings.