2030: Megatrends, Disruptive Business Models & China

Dear colleagues,

we have the pleasure to invite you to add your judgments in a global study on the future of the Innovation landscape in Europe and China by 2030 which is performed in the context of the DRAGON-STAR Plus project (funded by the European Commission under H2020).

This questionnaire is part of the on-going foresight work, which also includes participatory workshops, trends scanning, patent analysis, etc, and will ultimately produce scenarios on China’s innovation future, and also highlight bilateral cooperation opportunities. The results of the study are expected to assist the European Commission to draft a long-term collaboration strategy with China.

You do not have to complete this questionnaire on one visit, neither you have to provide feedback on everything, but you need to press submit to record your answers. All particpants will receive the final results.

It would be also great if you could further assist us by sending this email to colleagues, futurists, researchers, and innovative companies.

Best Regards

The Phemonoe brotherhood