The 2017 ICFS programme



…in which the rapid speed of change and the complexity is tremendous. In order to successfully cope, companies need to understand their current business environment, and visualise its future developments. Organisations need to anticipate and understand change and they need to proactively address it, so as to increase their resilience and secure their future competitive advantage. The “International Certified Future Strategist” (ICFS) programme will help organisations do just that. The development of the ICFS course and the profession of Certified Future Strategist is being funded with the support of the European Commission’s ‘Leonardo da Vinci Programme for life-long learning’.


The course follows a proven analytical framework called TAIDA, short for Tracking, Analyzing, Imaging, Deciding and Acting*. It enables participants to understand step-by-step the theory and practice of futures thinking and strategy development. Each element will be taught in their own tailored modules, building on the skills and concepts learnt in previous modules.

The focus of the ICFS programme is on the practical application of the TAIDA model and how to implement future studies and strategy development in the participants own organisations.



The ICFS is targeted at companies and organisations wishing to build the necessary in-house expertise for developing futures perspectives and strategy. It is a tailored executive education programme with an emphasis on learning in an international environment. The course is best suited to individuals in management positions, who have a responsibility to shape and enhance strategic thinking within their company.

An ideal candidate for the ICFS has:

  • A few years of work experience or/and
  • academic training
  • A good command of the English language
  • A managerial position in his/her organisation

Throughout the course we will recommend literature suited for the different modules. We foresee a “book club”, where the participants read and share learning with others. In-between the modules, participants will have assignments, where they can practice their learning in their own organisations. To get the certification, participants need to hand in written assignments and make a couple of oral presentations

The ICFS programme duration is approximately five months, with four modules of three days face- to-face teaching each. The course will be held one to two times a year and admits about 20 partici- pants. The schedule for 2016 is the following:

  • Module 1: Environmental analysis (25-27 January 2017)
  • Module 2: Scenarios (8-10 March 2017)
  • Module 3: Vision & strategy analysis (5-7 April 2017)
  • Module 4: Strategy & action (10-12 May 2017)


Individuals attending the course will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to address the changes facing their organisation.

Participants will benefit directly from the experience and expertise of the practitioners teaching them. In this way, the ICFS will offer a new professional dimension, providing participants with exciting opportunities for their own careers.

The robust nature of the course – with regards to both its theory and application – enables it to be a professionally and independently

accredited business course. The course meets a unique need, by offering greater theoretical and substantive insights than a business short course, without requiring the commitment of an MBA.

We strongly believe in “learning by doing”. We will mix theory with practice, where participants will be able to test different methods, techniques, etc. while at the course. There is a great among of interaction between participants and course tutors.

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